Andrea Lauren Yeung is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who provides professional services for Individuals, Couples and Families in the Greater Vancouver area. Andrea provides counselling that is relationalprofessional and creative, as well as the option for faith integration within the therapeutic journey.


The greatest defining factor of impact within therapy is the relationship between the counsellor and the client. Andrea recognizes the beauty and sacredness of the therapeutic relationship, acknowledging the importance of trust, respect, and authentic empathy within each session. An essential feature of her therapeutic approach is to listen and interact with each client in a non-judgmental, accepting, and deeply personal way, encouraging them to be honest, and at rest with their true selves.


It is essential to maintain the highest professional standards within a counselling practice for the benefit of the client’s growth, and healing journey. Trust is one of the fundamental building blocks of a client/therapist relationship, and it is important to provide a safe space where professionalism and healthy boundaries are taken seriously. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (Membership #11254), Andrea is held accountable to the licensing body’s Ethical Code of Conduct and Standards of Clinical Practice, to ensure responsible and effective therapy.


Venturing with clients through the journey of healing and finding one’s authentic, core self through self-expression and discovery using different mediums, is characteristic of Andrea’s approach. Andrea gives the option to use art therapy and music therapy techniques within session, and finds uniquely personal ways to get in touch with each client’s narrative. Andrea believes that telling one’s story is powerful and that each client is an expert of his or her own story. Through therapy, Andrea seeks to empower each client with therapeutic techniques that are uniquely tailored to each individual.


Andrea also offers the option of Faith Integration within therapy. Counselling services will provide the means to walk with individuals through issues that may be beyond the realm of pastoral care. This counselling approach will invite individuals to incorporate scriptures, prayer, and spiritual practices into a spiritually integrative therapeutic journey. This element of therapy is offered, but is entirely optional in the therapeutic journey.


You can contact Andrea through phone or email:

Phone: 604-828-7177




11 W 10th Ave

Vancouver, BC, V5Y1R5